Dural Health, a piece of Tangram Health

Dural Health is part of the Tangram Health Collective group of clinics, the parent company that currently runs eight multidisciplinary clinics around Sydney. Our goal is to provide high quality personalised healthcare, every time in a connected way. Through our years of clinical experience, we noticed just how fragmented the private healthcare system was, with no-one really talking to each other. By partnering with local GP's, we've helped create an easier place for people to receive quality healthcare services, all under the one roof.

Our Values

We're Precise

We're professional. Everything we do is high quality and meticulous. We take pride in our work.

We're Warm

We're human too. We seek to earn trust, build confidence, and instil optimism. We're approachable and genuinely care.

We're Agile

We never stop learning. We have an insatiable desire to improve, to streamline. As technology and science evolves, so do we.

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