Supporting your local sports teams with Dural Health

Being part of a local sports team is a great way of keeping healthy and active, whilst having fun with friends and being outdoors. Many of our patients (both kids and adults) play in weekend soccer, netball, union, league, softball, and cricket teams either just for fun, or at an top representative level.

At Dural Health, we have a friendly team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, and Dietitians. We can help manage any sports injuries, organise game day sports trainers, provide expert Sports Physio advice, and even help coaches design training programs.

If you're part of a local sports team in the Dural, Kenthurst or Glenhaven area, pop into the clinic and have a chat with us to see how we can help support your local sports team!

Sports Physio and Sports Injury Management

How Dural Health supports local sports teams in Dural, Kenthurst and Glenhaven


Club sponsorship

Every year our clinic sponsors a local sport team in the Dural, Kenthurst and Glenhaven area to show our support. This helps keep children and adults physically active, and shares our passion for sports.


Game day sports trainers

Make sure your team is covered by a qualified sports trainer, who can manage  any first aid, strapping, and minor sports injuries both on game days and training. These are trained by our Sports Physios.


Team Sports Physios

Our experienced Sports Physios can help review your team's training schedule, overcome any injuries and prevent them from happening. Give your team the edge next season by hiring a Sports Physio.


Support for coaches

We help team coaches design better training sessions with our Sports Physios and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Maximise your team's performance and reduce injuries throughout the season.


Sports injury clinics

Most injuries happen on a weekend. We offer walk-in sports injury clinics on Monday/Tuesday evenings to quickly get your injury assessed by one of our staff to get started on the right management.


Braces, tape, kits

Fit your team with the best sports braces to any injured players manage and recover from sports injuries. We can also help supply fully stocked sports bag kits with all the first aid supplies you'll need.

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