Can't make it to the clinic in person?

One of the best lessons from our Covid lockdowns was we had to learn and adapt the way we delivered healthcare. Our team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, and Dietitians at Dural Health are now very experienced at running Telehealth appointments for those who are sick, or unable to come to the clinic in person.

Get the same high level of care, where we can ask all the right questions about your conditions, get through most of our usual physical examination, and start you on the same exercises we would be be giving you in the clinic anyway.

if you do require any hands-on therapy, you can always come into the clinic or use a local therapist who we can liaise and co-ordinate our treatment with.

Zoom, Teams, Meet, Facetime, or even just a phone call

Run the Telehealth session with the software of your choice. We have access to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, FaceTime, or even just a phone call. Our team will confirm beforehand which software will be the most convenient and send you a link to click on when the appointment is ready. Any payments can be processed before, during, or after the session so you can claim any health fund or Medicare rebates.

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