Sports Injuries


AC joint injuries - When the weight of the Earth is thrown on your shoulder!

Has some pesky prop placed your shoulder (not so gently) into the ground? Well like 40% of shoulder injuries in contact sports it could be an injury to your acromio-clavicular joint (AC joint). These shoulder injuries require a very specific treatment pathway of management and rehabilitation that sometimes requires surgery. Learn more about AC joint injuries from our Physiotherapists at Dural Health.

Doris Qu
June 18, 2021

Hamstring Strain? When Can I Get Back to Sport?

Some hamstring top tips from our Dural physio


Tennis Elbow?! - But I don't even play tennis!

Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylopathy) is a painful condition that happens when the tendons in your elbow are overloaded and used more than they can handle. This can be from classically doing too many one handed back hand shots in tennis, but more commonly from things that require lots of hand gripping like gardening, lifting weights, and even just keyboard typing!

Alexandra Putica
April 25, 2022

Moon Boots - One small step for man, one giant leap for foot and ankle injury management!

Moon boots, also known as Controlled Ankle Motion (CAM) boots, are one of the supportive devices our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors use to help manage foot and ankle conditions like fractures, ligament sprains, and even tendon tears. These work by immobilising the foot, and have the advantage over traditional foot casts because you can take them off to shower, exercise, and even scratch those itches!

Brian Tran
July 16, 2021

Back at the gym now, and feel you've lost all those gains? Remember to "De-Load"!

Many gym goers are now returning to the gym and realising they just can't lift or do things at the same level they were before. You're not alone!


Is a meniscus tear causing your painful and clicking knee?

Is a meniscus tear causing your painful and clicking knee? Your questions answered by our Physiotherapist Adam van der Wielen!

Alex Fielding
June 17, 2021